G'day mate!
I am an Australian photographer, now living in a small town in Southern Illinois, just outside of St Louis, Missouri, specializing in music and urban photography. 
I'm also the US Correspondent for Wall of Sound, Australia's leading alternative music publication, working directly with our Founder on strategy to further expand into the US market. 
The very first question I'm always asked is, how on earth did you end up in middle America? The simple answer is, I met my American hubby when he was in Australia for work, and he convinced me to marry him and move to America (along with my incredibly loyal, and adventurous pup, Jack. So here I am, and what an adventure it's been!
My Mum encouraged me from a very young age to travel, and this was something instilled in her from her own mother. I've been so fortunate to also spend two years living & working in the San Francisco Bay Area, and four years in the UK, living in London, Hampshire (the New Forest), and Edinburgh (where I worked as a Nanny & Private Assistant to a best selling author & her family, who remain the closest of friends with to this day).
Growing up in the tropical North Queensland town of Mackay (Australia), I would venture down to the sand dunes of Far Beach most afternoons after school, breathe in the salty air, listen to the ocean waves and daydream away. 
These daydreams took me on all kinds of unlikely adventures for a small country town girl. From running away from home with my backpack, fishing rod and one-man tent and living a life less ordinary with only the coastline of Australia for direction. To pouring a pot of herbal tea during a break from penning my best selling novel at my quintessentially French chalet on the Cote d'Azur, with my ever-faithful Fox Terrier by my side.
Today, adventure is still the name of the game and that is what led me into photographing musicians. The energy, the sweat, the drive of these artists is infectious and capturing this through still photography is my passion. Being an avid traveler, I have also discovered my love for urban and street, landscape and portrait photography. 
Give me a backpack, a viewfinder, some comfy shoes and I'm one happy little Vegemite.

Winter Daybreak at Snapper Rocks - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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