With three consecutive sold out shows at The Triffid, in their home town of Brisbane, and hitting the number one spot on the ARIA Albums Chart only six weeks’ earlier with their second studio album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, the Dune Rats boys were always guaranteed to put on one hell of a show.
And they did.
With Gooch Palms due to hit the stage at 8.30pm, the crowd was scattered around the room, with a faithful few lining up against the barrier, locking in their prime pozie for the night. By the time Gooch Palms burst onto the stage at 845pm, the room was already half full, and the scene was set for what was to become one hell of a night. This Newcastle duo, with a cult following, were the perfect choice to get the crowd in the mood. Leroy and Kat rocked the stage with their pop, punky, rocky sing-a-longs, in between smashing a few tinnies and making endless jokes about the Brisbane Broncos (What’s better than a Brisbane Bronco? A Newcastle Knight. When did Brisbane last win a Premiership?). They were proudly Central Coast-ians, and the crowd loved them even more for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, even treating the crowd to the 90’s Aussie Rock anthem that is Tomorrow by their hometown heroes, Silverchair. With the crowd in the palm of their hands, they also did their bit to spread the word, on a serious note, warning that it’s certainly not cool to assault someone at a show “ya c*nts” to which the crowd cheered.
Straight into Skeggs next and these surfie bros from Byron Bay never disappoint. Their laidback style, oversized tees, unruly hair and strong partnership with the Dunies immediately lends them to be endeared by anyone who has the pleasure of seeing them live. They played their garage punk rock with everything they had, sweating, smashing a few tinnies and grinning away. You can tell at every show that these guys love it and are genuinely happy that people are into their stuff. Chatting with the crowd about the “mad c*nts” that are the Dune Rats, they ask when everyone saw them last? Of course, there’s shouts from all around the room. Dune Rats are the band that if you love them, you see them every single time you have the coin and transport to do so.
The room is full and every single person is dripping with sweat. Like every other show in Brisbane in 2017, it’s a sweaty one. But that adds to the vibe and anticipation. Everyone has come prepared in shorts and comfy shoes, and keeping hydrated the best they can. I can’t help but think all the cool kids must be at this venue tonight. They’re pumped, respectful and ready to have a mad time.
Dune Rats jump onto the stage, with so much energy that you feel it is the first show of the year for them. They’re pumped! Tinnies are thrown in the crowd. Moisture is falling from above but it’s hard to figure out if it’s someone’s sweat, water or beer raining down. Most likely a combination of all. There’s no gender imbalance here. All are respectful, having fun, sharing sweat and keeping hydrated, all appreciating each other’s love for the Dunies. The boys served out their punk pop rock sound, which has a surfer dreaminess about it, and a distinct Aussie garage feel.  Danny announces he’s “gonna dedicate this one to the guys at the front who are doing it tough. It’s fucking hot right?” He’s not wrong, it’s hot. He also makes a couple of public service announcements, one being that “if you have a big fat toke now, you can smoke it. The venue said that was ok”. And on a more serious note that if you see someone touching someone else at a show inappropriately “you have the right to punch the c*nt”. It was a serious message, that was taking in by those listening.
This was the second show of their three show sell out in Brisbane. The Dune Rats, Skeggs and Gooch Palms all gave everything they had to those that had paid to come out and see them.
In a nutshell, the theme of the night was smashing tinnies, keeping hydrated, sweating, proudly wearing your fave local band T, yelling out at the Violent Soho band members you see, chatting with people you don’t know about how awesome the Dunies are, looking after your mates, not acting like a dickhead and having a bloody good time.
In all my excitement, I managed to lock myself out of my house when I finally made it home, dripping in sweat and in a good need of a shower. Cuddled up to my faithful jack russell on the back porch, the night wasn’t all lost. At least I had some unforgettable memories to keep me company. And the knowledge that Aussie rock is alive and well.  

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